• Ansmann 20800 mAh External Battery Pack Powerbank with 2 USB Ports for Smartphone NAFUGREJR

For ANSMANN, the world market leader in charging technology, safety is paramount. There are adequate protection mechanisms installed in the Powerbank. Both your device and the Powerbank are "safe"Everybody's been there: you are on the road and the battery is empty. With the ANSMANN Powerbank, the necessary power is instantly returned. Ideal for traveling.The POWERBANK 5400mAh is the backup power supply for many mobile devices, which USB, such as smartphones, MP3 players, navigation devices etc. Includes charging cable (USB to Micro USB)The high-quality Li-Ion battery in a stylish housing is equipped with a multifunctional LED display, which informs about the charge state. A capacity indicator informs about the remaining energy1 x ANSMANN Powerbank 20.8Ah

Safety first: With a Powerbank you have a charging station for your smartphone, it's always with you. But there are great differences in quality and, of course, within the safety aspects. With ANSMANN you are on the "safe side". Tested for safety and the latest technology developed in Germany. 3 years manufacturing guarantee! For this problem to be a thing of the past, there is ANSMANN's practical Powerbank in an elegant design. Due to the compact design, the light power storage can be held in every jacket, trouser pocket or handbag. Equipped with the USB to Micro USB charging cable, the product is the ideal companion for the road. The ANSMANN Powerbank has a micro USB port as well as two USB ports. The USB ports provide power via a charging cable suitable for your smartphone and / or tablet. The battery can be recharged conveniently at the PC via a micro USB connection or with a commercially available USB charger at the wall outlet. Power package for a wide range of applications With a charging capacity of 20,800mAh and an output power of max. 2400mA (at 5V), the small power pack recharges mobile devices several times. The high-quality additional battery in a stable housing is compatible for all common USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, navigation devices and other applications that can be charged via USB. Multi-Safe Technology The built-in overcharge protection ensures that the Powerbank will automatically close the charging process after successful charging. The deep discharge protection switches the PowerBank off as soon as the voltage of the PowerBank drops below a certain value when charging a connected device and thus prevents damage to the product. The short-circuit protection completes the safety functions and ensures maximum safety, in addition to the automatic switch-off. LED capacity indicator Four integrated LEDs provide reliable information about the current capacity.

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1 x ANSMANN Powerbank 20.8Ah

Ansmann 20800 mAh External Battery Pack Powerbank with 2 USB Ports for Smartphone NAFUGREJR

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Ansmann 20800 mAh External Battery Pack Powerbank with 2 USB Ports for Smartphone NAFUGREJR

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